Pastoral References

Pastor David Kiteley has been a precious friend and a mentor to me personally. I have known him for most of my adult life. His rich prophetic insight into the nature of what God is doing by His Spirit, his astute handling of the Scriptures, and his profound, practical,and strategic wisdom apostolically and pastorally have made him one of the most seasoned global fathers I know of in the Kingdom. In this current hour of global transition and shaking, the depth of his life experience in the Spirit is needed more now than ever. Pastor David continues to be an apostolic and prophetic voice into the life of our congregation here in Orlando. I strongly encourage apostolic leaders of networks, prophetic leaders of movements, and pastors of local churches to open your doors to his patriarchal voice speaking into your context, sphere, and measure of rule.


Bishop Mark J. Chironna, MA, PhD.
Church On The Living Edge
Mark Chironna Ministries
Orlando, Florida



I have known David Kiteley for more than 30 years.  He is a good husband, father, and man of God.  Succeeding his mother, Violet, some forty years ago, he led the great Shiloh Church of Oakland, California for all those years.  Two years ago he turned over the reins of that mega church ministry to his son, Patrick. David is a true prophetic voice in the Body of Christ today.  He is a leader in the truest sense of the word, both in the Oakland community and in the Church at large.  During his tenure at Shiloh he was virtually the pastor of Oakland.  Since he stepped down from the Senior Pastor position, His work as Director of Missions Outreach for Shiloh has taken him to many countries and several continents in the most excellent local church missions ministry I know.  It is a great joy for me that Christian Life School of Theology was chosen to partner with him and Shiloh to bring the CLST ministry training program into the Mandarin language and see it spread throughout Hong Kong and China. I would not hesitate to recommend David Kiteley and his wife Marilyn for any church, conference, seminar, or other venue of ministry. His integrity is beyond question, and his sincerity and enthusiasm are contagious.  David Kiteley will minister honorably and with excellence.


Ronald E. Cottle, Ph.D., Ed.D., D.D.
Founder and President Emeritus, CLST
Founder and President, ACTS (Apostolic Council of Transformational Servant-Leaders)

With a passion for people and his unique perspective on the Kingdom of God, Pastor David Kiteley has sustained an influence that has flowed from the pulpit of Shiloh into the streets and government hallways of one of the most challenging cities in America – Oakland, California.  Now that influence is being felt around the world in countless groups, denominations and cultures. 


His prophetic voice into his generation as well as the next, has produced leaders of faith and vision, and his apostolic authority has encouraged and brought stability to countless pastors and leaders of the church, as well as civic leaders around the world.


I have known David and the entire Kiteley family for many years and I am proud to call him my friend.


Pastor Mike Servello

Founder Redeemer Church, Uitca, NY

Founder & CEO Compasssion Coaltion, Utica, NY